Is home teeth whitening the safest option?

Teeth whitening options are rather ample nowadays. The concern is no longer whether or not teeth whitening is possible, it’s whether or not teeth whitening is safe. Like any procedures involving teeth, there are some risks to whitening. Though, they are few in number and minimal in risk. With that said, what is THE safest option? In-office, tray, or at-home teeth whitening?

Let’s detail all three…

In-Office Whitening

How it works

home teeth whiteningOf course, in-office teeth whitening is executed by professionals. Therefore, you’ll have the best chance at the quickest results. Professionals are able to use a greater amount of hydrogen peroxide in the procedure. They make use of trays to apply gel without it making contact with a patient’s gums. Also, professionals use special overhead lights that strategically improve the effect of the whitening gel.

Is it safe?

Any process carried out by a professional is going to be safe. No one is perfect; however, a professional teeth whitener will complete a whitening task in a more perfect manner than anyone else or anything else. So, yes, in-office teeth whitening is a very safe, reliable route to take.

Whitening Kit

How it works

Teeth whitening kits mimic the process carried out by a professional, only in this instance, the user will be the one carrying out the process. Every kit will come with a tray that is meant to fit, or mold to a user’s teeth. The tray aims to cover the teeth and avoid the gums, just like in-office whitening. Additional tools come with the kit, including the whitening gel to be applied. Some kits even have sensitivity relievers.

Is it safe?

As long as you follow the instructions for use, whitening kits should do the job safely. It’s recommended to purchase a kit directly from a dental office or a teeth whitening clinic. Representatives from each will be able to fit the tray for a user’s personal application. Kits purchased online are less reliable.

At-Home Whitening

How it works

Home teeth whitening products vary. Teeth whitening toothpastes are meant for gradual whitening. Literally, you use it just as you do ordinary toothpaste. Whitening strips, on the other hand, are said to be more effective and in a shorter time span. They are easy to use and are less expensive than most other teeth whitening options.

Is it safe?

Without a doubt, home teeth whitening products are safe. The only caveat falls on the user. As long as the instructions are followed and the product(s) are used responsibly and wisely, you should run into zero trouble. In comparison to in-office and tray methods, home teeth whitening likely carries the greatest risk. But that’s because there is more reliance on the individual whitening his/her teeth.

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