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When it comes to choosing your in-office teeth whitening provider don’t roll the dice.

are a number of providers in the area. Before choosing who to trust, it is essential to read online reviews and ask these important questions to compare

How long has the company been doing teeth whitening and what other services do they offer?

If they haven’t been in business for long or offers a variety of unrelated services, the level of expertise and results may not be equivalent to a more experienced provider.

How long is the appointment?

It is common for some providers to offer shorter, less effective treatments for a discounted price and then suggest paying more for a longer or additional appointment.

What strength of hydrogen peroxide is being used?

Using less than 35% hydrogen peroxide or any percent of carbamide peroxide is not professional strength and results will not nearly be as effective or long lasting.

What is used to protect the gums?

Even providers using lower than professional strength hydrogen peroxide should protect the gums properly. This means using a proper gingival barrier, a light cured resin that creates a hard barrier between the teeth and gums, not simply petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil as it is not thick enough to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from irritating, blanching or burning the gums.

How much are follow-up appointments?

Although you will get results just one appointment, it is common to whiten multiple times over a period of time for more dramatic results.


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